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【七色音樂】The First Noel - 律音管 boomwhackers (附教學)

雖然要保持社交距離,但音樂令我們的心緊緊連繫著,帶給我們溫暖和歡樂。 希望你們享受這個律音管 (boomwhackers) 的合作演出,The First Noel! 祝大家聖誕快樂 !!

(scroll down to download the score)

Boomwhackers 律音管,敲打時會因膠筒長短而發出不同音調,是敲擊樂的一種。 不用經專業的音樂訓練就能打出美妙樂曲,適合一班人合奏,在輕鬆愉快的氣氛下建立團隊合作的精神,拉近人與人之間的關係。  

In the era of social distancing, music draws us together and brings us lots of warmth and laughters. Hope you enjoy this group music performance, "The First Noel" with boomwhackers!

Healing Arts wish you all a merry Christmas!  

片中的彩色音譜適用於手鈴或彩虹鐘, 歡迎下載 :)

The score is also applicable for handbells and rainbow bells. Feel free to download the score.

The First Noel (for boomwhackers and han
Download • 367KB


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