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【活動回顧】The Arts of Positive Parenting

我們於上個週末舉行了一場家長講座及親子體驗工作坊,內容有關正向管教及如何透過藝術促進親子關係。小朋友和家長都反應熱烈,一同合作創作感恩樹 (thanksgiving tree),發揮無窮的創意,最後互相欣賞對方的付出和長處,結出許多美麗的果子!

It's our pleasure to hold a parent talk on positive parenting, followed by a parent-child experiential workshop last weekend.There is no perfect parent.

Do appreciate your love and effort for the kids, and be a good-enough parent ;)

It was a wonderful experience to witness the co-creation among parents and children. Look at your imagination and teamwork in the process of tree making! Love and creativity is all around <3

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