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Color Away Covid 口罩設計比賽



It is my honour to be invited as a featured artist/therapist for a campaign launched by a bunch of creative souls! Hope all students can enjoy the creative process, express your feelings and thoughts through the design, and bring hope and love to people who are in need!

Colour Away Covid 口罩設計比賽】 「COLOUR AWAY COVID」藝術大賽為年齡介於12至18歲的學生,用其創造力幫助社區的2019冠状病毒病救援工作提供了絕佳的機會。大賽要求學生基於“關愛常在”的主題填色並提交圖案設計。 本次大賽優勝者的設計將被印製於100,000隻外科口罩上,而其中的大部分將會被捐贈予有需要的社區。 如果您有意參與,請應用以下的模板開始您的繪圖吧! 歡迎電郵至projects@zionburg.com或通過Instagram/Facebook活動網頁@colour.away.covid聯絡大賽主辦方。

The Colour Away Covid art competition is a great opportunity for students aged 12 to 18 to help the community's COVID-19 relief efforts through their creativity. In the competition, students colour in and submit a pattern design based around the theme "being there to care". The winner's design will be printed on 100,000 surgical masks, many of which will be donated to communities in need. If you'd like to get involved, you can start drawing using the below templates! Feel free to reach out the organizer by email via or on Instagram/Facebook @colour.away.covid #ColourAwayCovid


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