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【活動回顧】Creative Parenting 家長講座及親子體驗工作坊



家長們均表示十分珍惜與孩子相處、一同創作的時間,而且講座所教授有關「愛的語言 Love Language 」的知識十分重要,是很好的提醒,要以孩子所接收的方式表達對他們的愛,教養孩童會嘗試加點創意,好好運用藝術活動,與孩子連繫。

It is my honor to witness the creative process and interaction between parents and children. No matter where we come from, we unite and communicate with creative arts.

We have receive and express love in different ways, and thus we have different preference on our primary love language. Arts-making offers a valuable opportunity for us to communicate with love: spending quality time with our loved ones, interacting via physical touch and word of affirmation, and creating hand-made gift to express our gratitude.


Wherever you go, let me go with you.


We co-work, and co-create.


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